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Monday, November 29, 2004

What has the world come to...

...better yet, what have I become?

I decided to treat myself to a coffee before class this evening. Even more importantly, I treated myself to a leisurely stroll through the streets of DC from work to school. I am usually rushing those ten blocks so that I can get to class early and read more (whatever, I go there to socialize). Tonight, I cleared my head thinking only of the sky and my coffee. It was the fourth Starbucks that I passed on my journey that I decided to enter. With all of the coffee I drink, I have been practicing to get this right. Sick of always being corrected, I decided to give in to the lingo of the corporate coffee world. I walked straight up and ordered a "Grande Skim No Whip Mocha". The lady (in a typical SB 'i work here, you don't' tone) says you mean a "Grande No Whip Skim Mocha". Then, the manager/coffeemaker says "One Grande Skim No Whip Mocha coming up." Then, he looked at his employee reprimandingly saying "she had it right". HA! I beat the Starbucks lady. I got a smug smile on my face as I gave her my money. How sad is my life?

*note - to anyone who did not catch the difference the first time...you SO do not get it!