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Friday, July 20, 2007

I just keep climbing.

I wake up each day and stare up at this huge mountain I am climbing. As the hours tick by, the reading continues and the notes get organized, the essays get worked and the checklists and notecards get crafted. All of this aids me up this mountain. Every time I think I have made great progress, I realize that I have merely scaled a cliff or a big rock. Only but a fraction of what I need to climb. The rest of the mountain awaits. And so, with enthusiasm in tow, I keep going. With every large rock scaled or cliff I lift myself upon, I stand up. I take a breath. And I just keep climbing.

As I stare up toward the sky, I know this mountain will end somewhere. In fact, I know exactly where it ends, but from where I am, it seems so far away. Every so often, I get discouraged by the seemingly endless climbing. It's then that I take a moment to look down and check my progress. Even squinting, I cannot see the faintest image of the ground below. I realize just how very far I have climbed. That gives me the strength I need to turn around and keep just keep climbing.

I reflect on everyone that climbs this mountain. I gain respect for those who have already reached the top and I know that soon, others will being their climb. I turn to the side and lend a hand to those who are struggling with me. Being a part of such a perseverant group of people gives me the motivation to just keep climbing.

I am exhausted. I have known from the beginning that this climb would be about endurance. But I'm tired. I feel like I have been climbing this mountain as long as I can remember. But I do know that it ends. I do know that there is a peak to this mountain and that I will get to it soon. I know that when I do, it will be the most amazing view ever. I know that it will have been worth the climb. But for now...for the next few days...I just keep climbing.