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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good luck to all!

Things are about to get crazy. Before they get too bad and there is not time left for the internets, I just want to take a moment to wish everyone the
BEST OF LUCK on their respective Bar Exams. It's been a long long long climb, but we are almost to the top. I have enjoyed having each and every one of you by my side (from the couple of Californians, the New Yorker, the drunk Chicagoan, the gal down south a bit, and my favorite former-local.) I am glad I decided to continue blogging for a little while because this little online network we made for ourselves has proved to be quite fruitful. Special good luck nod to Zuska and Stare Decisis and Faith and of course MEG, who were here pre-Bar Exam (back when it was regular law school stress).

I also want to wish a
SPECIAL GOOD LUCK to those of you who, despite not having your own blog, have been following along at home. I have appreciated your comments and your reading. More importantly, I am glad you felt you had a place to vent and share in the misery.

See all of you at the top!