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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mardi Gras

Remember last year when I got to wear that huge head thingy and freeze my arse off while riding on the back of a convertible and doing that funny little waving thing? Remember how I got to skip school and start drinking at like 2pm? Remember how people all day long called me queen and brought me everything that I wanted eat or drink? And I had my very own jester.

Yeah, that was fun.

Although I am not allowed to continue my reign as queen this year (damnit), I will be riding on one of the floats and throwing out lots-o-beads. The Clarendon Mardi Gras parade has really grown in the past five years to become something worth checking out. Seriously. As a charter member of the Krewe of Louisiana, I have watched this parade grow from a few local workers in their cars to multiple floats and thousands of intoxicated revelers in the streets of North Arlington.

So come out next Tuesday (February 20th) for what will assuredly be a great time. You are also cordially invited to an after party at Tallula. I should mention that Tallula is run by a real Louisianian and I assure you, he does it up right. (Marci and Hammer can attest to the good times that can be had at that after party.)