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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Warranted nagging

I usually stay out of the battle of the sexes on WonL but I am at my wit's end. I constantly hear men complain that women "nag" too much. Why do you think that is? Could it possibly be that sometimes men just do stupid shit. What option does a woman have when her man does something downright dumb? Although not unheard of, it is rare that a woman can resort to physical violence. Plus, we all know rational discussions don't always work because men sometimes don't never listen. In addition to lack of listening skills, I would not put memory or retention in the list of most male's popular traits. Inconsiderate actions, in addition to a woman's lack of other options, ultimately results in nagging.

Now, before my male readers start to categorize me as "that girl" and lash out at me personally, let me clarify something. I'm not talking about a situation where a man constantly leaves his dirty socks on the floor and a woman constantly whines and turns it into a "you don't really care about me" discussion. I believe that to be irrational behavior on the part of a woman. And for the record, I personally would probably merely throw the socks away and call it a day. Anyway, I am basing this discussion on what I argue is a more severe form of "stupid" behavior. Allow me to elaborate using a purely hypothetical example:

You send a text message on a Saturday evening saying "Hi love. I have missed you."
Your lady responds ten minutes later saying "Everything okay?"
You respond fifteen minutes later with "No!!"
Your lady hurries home to get to a location (with pin number) that she can call you."
You don't answer the phone. Or the other phone.
The next day, you do not call her back nor do you respond to her worried text message.
On Tuesday after she has placed multiple phone calls and texts she still has not heard from you and has no idea what country you are in or if you are okay.

What are you thinking? When asked if you are okay, a "No" with two explanation points should not be followed by an extended unexplained absence. Ever. This behavior on your part is a situation that I fully believe to warrant your lady to turn into a nag. Just sayin'.

Hypothetically, if your father is passing away (possibly already passed away) this would exempt you from nagging at this point in time. However, don't think it won't come back to haunt you.