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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Ever WonL Endorsement

I experienced something in the District of Columbia recently that I have never before encountered and I feel the need to share. This past Friday evening, I got together with a couple of lovely ladies and a husband and a brother (neither of which belonged to me) to indulge in a few adult beverages. We chose to head to Barrack's Row and meet up at Finn mac Cool's. Never having been to this area, I was quite impressed, and not just because of the abundance of Marines. We were lucky to snag six seats front and center at the bar. After saying our hellos we picked our seats and turned to order our drinks. The place was not THAT busy, but the bartender seemed swamped. As time went on, we realized he was not really busy at all, merely ignoring us. In a sometimes typical DC bartender fashion he was playing the "yeah, I'll get around to serving you when I damn well please" game.

Of course, as time went on and the ice from our first round was melting, we got a tad impatient. We let our frustration be known in the usual passive aggressive ways which included loud sighing and bitching to each other about the service industry around here. Then something downright amazing happened. The bartender came right up to our group and said "hey, I've been acting like a jerk all night and I'm sorry. I got in a fight with my fiance and it wasn't fair for me to take it out on you. What kind of shots would you like?" Bartender then proceeded to make up six free shots for our group. After that, we were all like one big happy family trying to help Bartender understand women and the fight with his lady. So, in an unprecedented move, I have decided for the first time ever to endorse a D.C. drinking establishment solely due to the service.

Go to Finn mac Cools.