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Thursday, January 25, 2007


A few of you might have noticed and questioned my recent away message on google chat reading: "there is NEVER an appropriate time during a law school class to kiss your boyfriend then put your hand on his junk. NEVER"

Seemingly from your intrigued responses, an explanation is warranted. I should begin by giving a bit of background on this species of law school student. You see, although these students do show up at school and attend classes their presence is for rather social reasons. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a Bar Review or Thirsty Thursday as much as the next law student. But their social reasons are more of the romantic sort. I have no problem with people finding love in law school. However, I must object to using the law school as a forum for public displays that should be private.

For example, I sit within visual shot of one such couple in one of my classes. During class last week after the female of the species handed the male a handout for class, and he said thank you, she leaned in and kissed him. On the lips. For an extended amount of time. Later during that same class she played a little "do you dare me?" game whereby her hand made it's way up his thigh and rested squarely on his - um, yeah.

In the spirit of my legal anthropology class, I have decided to observe and record this species during class today:

They arrive in class and discuss their superbowl plans.

He talks about how adorable he thinks librarians are because they have such passion about something no one else likes. She responds with "more adorable than me? I can show you passion."

When class begins, she takes out a piece of paper, puts it between the two of them and writes "I want Dillard now!!" (I record this odd language.)

They are now playing an online game against each other that involves guessing each others secret word. It takes her three tries to guess his word was "stiff".

She giggles.

She then underlines "I want Dillard now!!" on the sheet of paper.

I apparently now know the pet name of my friend's male parts. I do not need to know this.

I also know that he is ticklish underneath his upper arm.