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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How long is one month?

(you should read this while humming the theme from the Sound of Music)
I woke up this morning with my heart aflutter and a grin on my face that spanned from ear to ear. This Tuesday is not going to be pissy like any other Tuesday. This Tuesday is different because it is November 14th. That means that precisely one month from today I will be arriving in London and right into the arms of the man of my dreams. Thirty one days. That seems like nothing. We have already been apart for ninety seven days. Believe it or not, I think we have actually grown stronger in our time apart. We hit some bumps and rough spots along the way, but it's easy from here on out. After today, it is "less than a month."

(change humming tone to underground West Coast alternative hip hop group The Pharcyde's song "oh shit")
LESS THAN A MONTH. Oh shit! In less than a month, I have to write a thirty page legal analysis...learn the Federal Income Tax Code...learn how to be a responsible professional...finish learning how to Litigate in a "complex" world...grade 11 memos...spend a week with my family...take three exams...and fly to London. Oh shit! I need more time!