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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Through his eyes

When I was in Italy (and even my first few days in London), for the most part, I traveled alone. There are some huge benefits to taking on the country solo. Everything is on my time. I leave when I want, go where I want for as long as I want. I got more things done because I did not have to compromise on anything. Just me! Very rewarding in that sense. Also sometimes lonely. I wondered what it would be like to be traveling with someone. A part of me wanted someone to talk to over coffee at a cafe. I longed for enlightened conversation and just being with someone. I wanted to take romantic walks seeing the city at night. Traveling alone really leaves one a lot of time for inner reflection.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of experiencing London with someone. We walked the city for hours. We went to many of the same places I had already been, but everything looked quite different. This time, I got to see things through his eyes. His love for his city made it that much more fascinating. We rode the London Eye and just stared out at London. We spent time in St. James Park listening to the birds and enjoying the quiet. We ate at his favorite Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant and he spoke to our two waiters in their own native dialects. We met up with all of his friends at the pub down the street for a pint. We sat in his garden and sipped on a bottle of Algerian wine he has been saving. I sure am enjoying London this way.