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Thursday, July 20, 2006

How long I have waited

I cannot seem to find the words. If you could see my smile right now, you would not need my words. Yesterday, I was at his house and we were sitting in the garden drinking champagne. "I'll be right back" he tells me. I was just staring up at the stars, mentally a world away. I heard something and turned around to find he had brought the radio outside and lit a few candles. He sat back next to me and we continued just enjoying each other's company. Mr. Clapton began singing "Wonderful Tonight" and at precisely the same moment, we both said "I love this song." I giggled. He took my hand, pulled me close, and we danced. We simply danced. So many of my dreams came true in that moment. I have often fantasized about such a moment. I have asked every boyfriend I have ever had to dance with me, usually to no avail. I didn't have to ask him. He knew. He tells me that my smile shows him what is in my heart.