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Monday, May 01, 2006


I had an away message on my instant messenger the other day that merely said "Sigh". That's how I've been feeling lately. When questioned by a buddy, I stumbled over words to describe it. All I could say was it's a happy sigh. What you can't see through the computer is the sparkle in my eyes and the way that the corners of my lips are curling up to form a smile. Lately, as I go through my days, my thoughts often wander to him. I think of the last time I saw him or when I will see him again. I sigh. Sometimes, I giggle. I have even found myself blushing. I close my eyes and let my thoughts bring me right back to his arms. I can feel the smile spreading across my face, the warm feelings taking over, shoulders shrugging...and I sigh.

Then came Saturday. I knew he got the job, but it became all to "real" now that he has put in notice at work. Not only that, but they want him sooner which means our time together just got truncated. I really am happy for him because I know this is what he wants. But, it hurts. When he told me he's leaving next Friday, I sighed. Only this time, instead of my sigh being joined by a smile, it was accompanied by a couple of tears. I didn't mean it, but I couldn't help it. I'm sad. My guy is going back to Texas and he's taking my happy sigh with him.