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Friday, January 20, 2006

I write a blog, but am I really a blogger?

Upside of having lockers at school, I can lock up my bag in there before going out at night, so I don't have to lug around a laptop. Downside, when I get home at the end of my evening, I don't have said laptop and we ALL know that 2am is the most opportune time to blog about the events of the evening. Sorry I am late!

On Wednesday, I had plans to attend a happy hour after class. A guy at school asked what happy hour and I said "oh, just some happy hour" refusing to disclose the true nature of the event. Granted, it wasn't like I was attending an AFF event or anything (*nod* to grasshopper;-), but nonetheless, it was not something I felt comfortable discussing. I wondered why that was, especially considering the guy who brought it up actually reads WonL daily (*nod* to RLPC co-org). Anyway, enough nodding, back to why I have not come to terms yet with being a blogger. Yes, I write a blog, but am I really a blogger?

In a way, I live two lives, one in the real world and one in the blogosphere. I have never really made it a habit to discuss my blog with people in the real world. There are some parts of my life I like to keep seperate from others in a "This is not good. World's are colliding! George is getting upset!" sort of way. People rarely bring up WonL to me in person and when/if they do, I probably react in a socially awkward manner because I am just weirded out about merging those worlds. In my real world, I do not feel I am defined by WonL. I do not want people to pre-judge me based on the ramblings I publish and rarely proofread on this blog. People know (and hopefully luv) me for me and many of my friends don't even know about this blog. I am just hesitant to allow the blogosphere to penetrate my real life.

However, I had never considered allowing my real life to penetrate the blogosphere. What a concept. I can actually go to a happy hour and make friends with random people who I have tons in common with outside of blogger.com. I re-lived my college days of EPH with Miss M and DC Sports Chick. I yelled at Travis like I had known him for years. I found out that Marci (half of the boobers) lives right near me. I got to hear gossip about my own law school classmates from EJ. I whined about law school and the bar exam with BettyJoan. I attempted to pre-emptively console AJA for her upcoming trip to Nola. I had a family/relationship discussion with a cowgirl and expressed my dismay at her punk boyfriend for not showing up. I also got to meet this guy who may or may not have looked like a Smallville character. I had a long conversation with the sweetest girl ever about her virginity. I chatted with Alex about his parents. I happily met a gal who has whole blog about pandas! I finally got to meet this Chase that everyone loves and I even met Lesley, who will soon be starting a blog about becoming a professional cheerleader. I had short but sweet conversations with the usual troublemakers Kathryn, Cookie, VP Dior and I-66 but did not get the chance to meet or chat with everyone. Hopefully, that will come in due time because I really had a great time making the friends that I did make. There are re-caps everywhere...check them out. I must say that my absolute favorite description of the bloggers at Mackey's goes to Lex: "They're everywhere, I tell you. They're like cockroaches, except that they're frequently much cuter and usually more interesting."

So, I guess it is time to admit, as I did at the most recent Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Blogger Happy Hour: My name is Law-Rah and I am a blogger.

**Due to an insane increase in people doing perverse searches and arriving at WonL, I am having to abbreviate my favorite college pasttime.