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Friday, December 09, 2005

Pre-Exam Brain Dump!

Well, my head is full. If I make any sudden movements, there is a high probability things will start pouring out of my ears. Things relating to the bid protest jurisdiction of the Court of Federal Claims after the 1996 Tucker Act Amendments AND the rules of Appropriations AND Congruence and Exceptionalism in Government Contract law. No one in their right mind wants to be around when those things do begin to spew forth (which is in about two hours now).

I was watching my GoCo review online this morning. I kept hearing these sirens outside and kept turning the volume up. So annoyed that I could barely hear GoCo prof. Took quite some time for me to put his pauses and together with the increase in siren volume to
realize that the sirens were coming from the GW area, not Ballston. That was pretty funny.

There are a few things that will get me through today. It's good to know I only have to hold it in for a few more hours, then once that test is over, I can forget everything. (Great way to become a lawyer, eh?) I am also looking forward to indulging in a nice dinner and perhaps one or two (or seven) alcoholic beverages with my friend who has been trapsing across Europe for weeks. Hope he knows he is paying;-)

I would like to end this GoCo themed post by making a HUGE request to my GoCo professor:

Sir, I realize with the test only hours away, that you have probably already written it, but I IMPLORE you to include an in-depth question about the available forums for bringing bid protest disputes. I get this! In fact, this is probably the only thing I get in your one thousand pages of material. I would really appreciate the opportunity to write about it. Thanks! PS-even if you don't ask, I fully intend to tell you about it anyway.

UPDATE: Thank you so much GoCo Prof!!! I heart you;-) Well, um, in a Catholic/Jewish...Republican/Democrat...student/teacher sort of way.