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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Bar with a lot of Eyes

Today has been a complete and utter blur. I am currently sitting in my very last class of my first semester of my second year of law school. It's 8pm and I have been in this building since 9:30 this morning. My sanity left long ago. So far today, I have already finished and turned in a paper, collected toys and money for hours in the lobby downstairs, and attended all four of my classes. Did I mention I did all of this hungover as hell. My body hates me right now. Enough with the whining, on to the fun.

"My name is Law-Rah and I am a blogger." Not many places can you say that to someone and it makes you cool. Yep, that's right, I have a blog and I shouted it loud at the Blogger Year-End Happy Hour. The night began with a brisk walk to Eyebar with good friend M as I thanked her profusely for not making me go through this alone. I really needed a drink BEFORE we went to drink but there was just no time. I was going there to raise money for C4C...how could they not love me, right? So, I put on the jingle bells, fluffed up the santa hat, held my head high and walked in not knowing a soul. Remember that weird science moment where all the white folks walked into the blues bar? Yeah, well, I figured I'd break that awkward silence with a "hi, I'm Laura!" Everyone came running up to me with outstretched arms to express their adoration. The few people who knew who the hell I was got up from the sofas lined with bloggers to talk to me and M. Being that it was early and we had just gotten out of class and the party was just getting started, I slowly made my way to the bar pushed people to the ground George Costanza-style to get to the bar.

Thus began an evening which started off with me shyly taking a seat at the far end of the sofa hoping someone would give us a few bucks and ended with me approaching people that do not even blog saying "Give me money. Do you not like kids? Do you not care about New Orleans?" Much help came from the drink menu at Eyebar! I tried a Pink Eye, a Lazy Eye, Old Blue Eyes and ended with blurry eyes (gee, how poetic of me:-) Fabulous alcoholic beverages. You know what else the evening ended with? In the spirit of the notes I should be taking in class right now, I shall outline last evening's benefits:

1) A bunch of new friends:-)
2) Putting faces to names
3) $350 for a great cause
4) A hefty bar tab
5) A med school boy with my phone number;-)
6) Some great pictures
7) An opportunity to relive high school through superlatives
7) A whole lot of recaps - I am way too exhausted to run through the list of all the amazing (and hot) people I met last night. Not to mention, I would be redundant at this point considering everyone has already done this. So, I shall thankfully link the four hostesses and let you weave through the web from there. I recommend DC Cookie's running list of recaps. (Check out Kathryn, AsianMistress and Rhinestone Cowgirl too)

and last but certainly not least...
8) The Presentation

To all that I met - so wonderful! To those that donated to help a fellow blogger help the kiddies, even more wonderful.