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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pissy me

I have said this before and I stand by it now: all bets are off during exams!

I do not have to attempt be witty, or quick to respond, or responsible, or clean, or cute, or smart, or ladylike, or understanding, or modest, or humble, or friendly, or giving, or even remotely compassionate in ANY OTHER PART of my life right now. Law School takes over. Nothing else matters.

If you are my friend and you think you need a personal email or phone call reminding you of this, you are surely mistaken. But just in case: DO NOT MESS WITH ME THIS WEEK! For over 350 days of my year, I live as a selfless person trying to be there for others around me. This is my time now. I will be there for no one but ME. Now is not the time for a long-drawn out conversation about the problems in your life. Now is not the time to play catch up. Now is not the time to make waves in the water that is already rising above my head. Now is not the time to really even talk to me. (Unless you can explain to me how a contractor can fall into a de facto debarment under the Old Dominion test.) Otherwise, I strongly suggest you come back after December 14th and don't take offense to any of my words or actions in the upcoming days. (Unless you are old-lady-Ruth at my front desk. If you yell at me one more damn time, I'm going to trip you as you waddle down the hall.)

PS to my roommate: you are exempt from all of the above. I promise. You can come home now:-)