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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Let me begin by telling you that tears (of joy) came rushing to my eyes to find that I am #4 when searching for lesbian sleepwear. (Hats off to you, reader in Redmond, Washington...hope you found what you were looking for)

This topic of conversation (that of the above mentioned unmentionables) has come up a lot lately. Mostly because it makes a great story to tell people about how the charity I founded was accidentally mistaken as being involved in the sale of such attire. While my mom was in town this past weekend, we got to talking about it over a lull in the dinner conversation and were wondering...what elements would sleep apparel need to have (or not have) in order to be labeled "lesbian sleepwear"?

Probably a HUGE mistake to elicit comments on this particular topic, but nonetheless...loyal readers, what do you think?