The random thoughts of an architect-turned- lawyer from the deep south living in Washington, DC...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


You stand outside miserable on this cold morning. It is only minutes after eight and you are already awake, and outside shivering. Most of the people on this street have not even left for work yet. Your truck sits idling only a few feet away. Boy what you would give to be in that warm truck with your radio on sipping your coffee. You can't do that. You have work to do and this is the perfect time to do it. Miserable on the outside with a heart of ice on the inside, there is a slight glow to you. A glow that grows when you think of the jackpot you just hit on this street. Your lips begin to curl in a smile.

I get downstairs at 8:07. I notice your scarf wrapped tightly around your neck. You are having difficulty doing your job with your thick gloves keeping your fingers warm. I can see every breath you take. We make eye contact. You look away. I knew that you would be here and I knew that you expected that I would not show up. Are you surprised? Did you really doubt me? I walk briskly toward you, never once looking away. Every so often, you look up to see if I am still approaching. You seem nervous and begin to work faster. Your heart is now pounding. Once you realize I am merely steps away, the smile on your face fades. You hurry to finish your business with the car in front of mine. You quickly walk to my car as I get in and start it. By then, Mr. Arlington County ticket man, it is too late. I am gone and you are one less ticket toward your quota.