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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

After all, it is a Constitution we are expounding

Two down one to go. Not sure why, but this one was BRUTAL.

It might have to do with the fact that it was an evening exam. Now that I've had a taste of a 2pm exam, I am really not liking the 6:30s anymore. Time isn't even called until 9:30pm which means I don't even get out of there until close to 10pm. Now, I ain't sayin I can't stay up that late or anything, but when I just had a 3 hour mental regurgitation AFTER a long day, by the time 10pm rolls around, I am worthless. By the end of the test, I could not make a cohesive sentence for anything. Formalist is textualist and functionalist is structuralist, but I have no clue how to eloquantly make that worth 40 points.

It might also have to do with the fact that I really did not have a grasp on this subject matter. Constitution - fairly straightforward...what the SCOTUS has done with the Constitution over the years - not so much...my prof's interpretation of the SCOTUS interpretation of the framer's interpretation of the law our country should be ruled under - HUH?

It might also have to do with a LACK of a climactic "I'm done" sigh of relief. Not only do I have another test (which I am not necessarily "ready" for) in 1.5 days...but I also have to deal with this charity stuff. By "deal with", I mean round up and collect toys from 6 different toy drives, get all of the financial stuff in order to send my roomie to KBToys with $2500, take inventory of everything, finish boxing everything, load up a Penske, and get ready for Friday when I have to drive 24 hours to New Orleans. (Okay, just typing that sentence has officially freaked me out.) Hard to feel relieved after an exam when I know the stress that awaits me.

Okay, going to finish this bottle-o-chardonnay and call it a night.