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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letters from Firms

At dinner this evening, we discussed the upcoming fall interview program. I am currently in a pretty sweet busy as hell position and not worried about all that stuff just yet. One of the guys said "yeah, but you need to spend your summer researching firms you want to work for." Some of my research is already done for me in the form of rejection letters.

I already researched and sent out letters for a 1L summer. Of the 70 letters I sent out, I think I recieved 75 rejection letters. Seriously, I actually did, in fact, recieve a rejection letter from the firm in which I am currently employed. Funny. Anyway, there are many tones and languages of rejection letters. Basically, though, it boils down to the "we really are impressed with you, but are full/aren't taking 1Ls" and the "we are, um, impressed, but NO." I decided in order to research the firms I want to work for...I start the narrowing process by getting rid of all firms that didn't give me a good enough reason why they don't love me. Seriously, put some personality and meat into your rejection letters people!

Anyway, this all comes to mind because I received a rejection letter today dated May 23rd. Um, really? And to think, I was going to wait around and see if (insert firm name) would ever get back to me. Part of me thinks it's great that they did, at least, follow through. (Although it is presumably after their summer associate program is set in stone.) The other part of me thinks the "although your record of achievement is impressive, we regret we are not in a position to pursue employment discussions with you at this time" was WAY too bland. Couldn't I at least get a "sorry this letter comes so late in the process...hope you found something!"