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Monday, May 23, 2005

My first day...

...was like Paul in the American Revolution running the halls "the summers are coming! the summers are coming!"

...was like that first day at school when the new "gifted and talented" students are introduced to each other and then paraded around for everyone to see.

...was like sorority rush with the "hi my name is Law-Rah" hand shaking and painted on smile for two hours.

...was like the zoo when they put all the new monkeys in a room together to see how they acclimate not only to their surroundings, but to observe their behavior around each other.

...was like that time I worked at Victoria's Secret and they made me watch that video on how to fold underwear. (Okay, perhaps it was not too much like the lacy stuff, but we did have two hours of training via cheesy videos.)

...was like Christmas with all of the gifts and gadgets and the candy jar on my desk that "mysteriously refills itself every evening."

I have come to the realization that people were not exaggerating when they talked about the life of a summer associate. Dear Lord, I'm not sure that even I am ready for this level of corporate America. Oh, who am I kidding, I ate it up. I have not actually begun working yet. Granted, I am an employee and on the payroll and did have to show up today. However, we are in orientation until the distribution of our first assignments on Wednesday. This means I cannot comment on anything work related. Wait, I really have no intention of doing, anyway. I will say, that it was a lot to take in and I can see from day one that it is going to be an INTENSE eleven weeks.

I can also tell you that if today was any indication, then I sure have found a great fit. Our little "class" of worker bees are an absolute riot. We spent a whole lot of hours together being indoctrinated through videos on ergonomics, risk management, sexual harassment and other absolutely boring subjects, but we actually made it enjoyable. (By the way, did you know it is improper for a boss to send a card to an employee on Valentine's day saying "we should still be friends and just have sex." Who would have thought?) Not only are my partners-in-crime fun, but the atmosphere of the firm, as a whole, is extremely laid back and, dare I say, casual. I got that impression from the interview and that's is why I was so drawn to them. Well, that and, um, they offered me a job. I am pleased that such fun portrayal of firmwide personality was not just a farce. I think it is going to be a great summer working with brilliant people and hopefully on challenging projects that I will come to love.

Reality check: I am going to be spending the next 11 weeks working 60+ hours a week AND taking Property...let's see how long this positive outlook remains such!