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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Searching for WonL

Sometimes, it's really fun to see what avenues people take to arrive at this website. No, my friends, I do not sit and type random phrases into google hoping to get to myself. WonL does it for me:-) For those familiar with SiteMeter or any other program that records who logs onto my site (calm down, stalkers, it only records your IP address)...you will also know that it records links that people click on to arrive here, including any search terms they used. While I tend to not get anything outlandish, every so often, I do get some funny ones. I often wonder how disappointed these people must be when they DO NOT find what they are looking for:

Okay, so I do have this problem, but that's what safety pins are for. (Note: I'm only ranked 4th on this one, but I think the kid ranked first should be eliminated just for being creepy.)

Hmmm, I could possibly come up with one of these...for a fee.

I know that it is shocking that this place exists...but I have been there, I promise!

I do admit that my study group rocked, but I'm not sure we could be "the study group" and I am definitely sure we used none of that B-word.

Apparently, there was a glitch in Wal-Mart's system (...wait, Wal-Mart has a system?) anyway, you cannot see the link, but can see what they were searching for...apparently at Wal-Mart!

Although I cannot pronounce this, I am #1 when it comes to typing it! To the person who googled him: now do you see why y'all lost touch?

Sure, but, I would recommend pants to complete the ensemble.

Yeah, they told me that too. *cough**bullshit**cough...I assure you, exams are harder.

This one is good...Dang it, though, Ambimb is beating me!

And, I have now apparently been linked to the world of pornography. (At #1, might I add.)

Um, maybe because your roommate takes three showers a day.

HOW? I'm not sure, but it's all hot air, I tell ya!

I have a sneaking suspicion that none of these folks will add WonL to their favorites out of shear disappointment over not finding anything remotely similar to what they were looking for. However, if anyone is still around...welcome!