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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Busy Day

I am beginning to think that perhaps I am over-exerting myself. Things I did today:

Got up and got dressed (so far, so good)

Caught a ride with my roommate across town to her work because there was a printshop nearby I needed to go to. Being on the executive board of the Louisana State Society, every three months, I am in charge of getting the newsletter out...had to grab it from the printer.

Headed to school, grabbing coffee on the way, and went downstairs to read for class.

3:00ish - Began labeling newsletters. (By labeling, I mean putting on those sticky ones I printed up this morning.)

Class from 3:30-4:45.

Meeting at 5:00 for volunteers (including me) for GW Law Preview Day this Friday.

Little time to spare, finish labeling 300 LSS newsletters.

Class from 6-8pm.

Meeting at 8:10. This was my last SBA meeting as Senator. I have an interview tomorrow morning for another position.

10:30...finally out of Senate meeting, head down to library. See Mock Trial partner and decide to discuss the case for a minute or two.

11-something...get to Metro with a sixteen minute wait. Get newsletters back out and start putting 300 stamps on them.

Home a little after midnight, had dinner (two pretty Easter hard boiled eggs) and had to send emails out regarding Mock Trial witnesses, study group this weekend, Barbri Review sessions on Sat. and Sun. and Moot Court preparation with my coach.

1:15...hell, if I could fit all of that in to one day, I can at least throw a few words onto blogger.

Damn, I'm tired.