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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Purposeless Thoughts 2nd Edition

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday (since I am sure you all eagerly await to read my purposeless thoughts:-) I did, however, have a valid excuse: I was busy celebrating the job offer I received yesterday from my most recent (and interesting) interview! This means I will not be needing that empty coffee cup for DC panhandling this summer.

In other good news, I rocked my oral argument this morning! One of the judges told me "you looked like you were having so much fun, I think every oral argument should be like this. Another judge said "you are extremely comfortable in front of people in a courtroom. In fact, you are way too comfortable for a 1L" whatever that means! Moot court, here I come.

Not only did this week mark the beginning of Spring, but it also marked the dreaded female period of "breaking in your feet for spring/summer sandals. I spent way too much money on Neosporin and blister band-aids this week. As a male classmate told me "Law-Rah, it's not like you are in Louisiana anymore and your feet are tough from walking around barefoot all day. Now that you are up here, they stay covered and dainty." Me? dainty? haha!

I wonder if people who speak English as a second language are graded differently than me. For instance, I get points off for mis-spellings or grammar mistakes (right Greg). I wonder if I am held to a higher standard because I am a native of America. If so, does this really help the situation? Isn't this unfair, not only to me, but to the non-native speaker who is not being corrected in an effort to better his grasp of the native language?

I admit to being one of the members of the class the other day who chuckled rolled on the ground laughing when a classmate kept accidentally referring to a certain tortious behavior as wonton (like the soup).

We all know my school thinks I am "average". Well, in your face, GW...I got a letter last week from the Egg Donor people who said due to my intelligence and edu-ma-cation, they are willing to pay me $2,000 EXTRA per egg. My "average" eggs seem pretty valuable to them. (By the way, this letter absolutely falls in line with our current discussions in Contracts regarding the unwanted handing out of my personal information to random people like egg collection agencies)

I found out this morning that one of my friends from college is being deployed to Iraq next week. Ryan, you are in my prayers.

I gave in and put on a coat this week. I refuse, however, to don a scarf or gloves. It's freaking April already!

MOST ANNOYING THING IN LAW SCHOOL...the bobblehead. Seriously, there is no need to nod your head in agreement to everything the professor says. We ALL know he is right. (That is probably why he is teaching the damn class.) And furthermore, we all know you agree with him. If you didn't, you would have a problem. Keep doing it, and I WILL put you on the hood of my car:-)

Random mis-spellings I have seen this week: "adequate notice before a person can be published for criminal behavior" and while referring to a drug dealer "known for selling pots on the beach"

You know that really obnoxious "farting" that Ad-Aware makes when it is complete? It's really funny when someone in Crim Law forgets to mute their computer and runs that program during class, only to find it let's one rip right as the professor is talking.