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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long overdue Thank You post

Despite my low rank on that NCAA Tourney thing, my Technorati rank is skyrocketing. I jumped from being ranked in the 170,000s to the 156,000s (woo-hoo) and there are a few folks I feel the need to thank:

First off, I want to thank my readers. The fact that people (other than my mother) log on every day to read what I have to say warms my heart. When I began this blawg, I did it for myself. However, now that I know so many of you read WonL, it forces me to watch what I say, so thanks for keeping me in line.

Second, I want to thank everyone who has ever commented on WonL. I love comments, even if they are Anonymous.

I also want to thank everyone who has ever linked to me or added me to their blogroll. (Note to those who aren't up on the "lingo". A blogroll is my list on the right side of blogs I read. A blogroll can be used for many purposes, one of which is to recommend to my readers other blogs that I think they may be interested in since I obviously am.) I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank people, but also to elaborate on some of the blogs on my blogroll. These are in no particular order except that the first is the most important:

My biggest and most important Thank You goes to Evan over at Notes from the Legal Underground who has not only blogrolled me, but he selected me for his Weekly Law School Roundups #49, #50, and #52. (Apparently I was pretty boring during week 51...must have been that appellate brief.) A few notes on Evan: if there was a King of Blawging, he would wear that crown. Evan is like a father-figure, teacher, friend, up-to-date news source and dictionary all rolled into one. His readership goes way beyond law school students, as Legal Underground is frequently read by students, professors, practicing attorneys and frankly anyone interested in the law.

I have no clue how Evan has time to do all that he does. He is a practicing attorney and runs a firm with his wife (aka Senior Partner). They have 4 children that have made appearances on his site (even in audio form). He recently took a trip to Prague and blogged the whole thing, complete with photos. (I think there are 9 posts in all.) Evan has such regular spots on his site for: Wednesday Guest Posting, Law Related Things that Suck, Types of Lawyers (ex: one's that like shiny gadgets) and more. Evan does a fabulous job of keeping all his little ducklings in a row and helps us to understand each other while asking the question: Why are lawyers so stuffy? I encourage you to go check out Evan. If you are on a mission for specific info, scroll down to his categories on the right.

Second on my list is Todd over at Ambivalent Imbroglio. I first learned of Ambimb when I was reading my Student Lawyer magazine the ABA sends me like 5 times a week because I gave them $20 a year ago. Hey, it's good Metro reading. I was really excited to find there was a "famous" GW Blogger. After reading his site (and ignoring the extreme liberalism:-) he immediately became a Blidol (blog idol - phrase coined by grasshopper). Ambimb has a wealth of knowledge regarding politics, DC, public interest work, law school, etc. He's extremely approachable and extremely willing to help in any way with questions you have about school, summer work, study abroad, blogging, and more. If Ambimb cannot answer your question, he will actually get an answer for you. Wow...what a guy. I also encourage you to check out his Ambivalent Images. He posts a photo a day and many of them are around the DC area. (on a random funny note: I would consider Ambimb one of my friends. He goes to my school, he comments on my blog, and I on his, we have emailed before, and I look at his pictures. Yet...I have never met him! I had a close call today when I went to order my new GW Law gym bag and noticed he had signed up right before me. I was told he was already gone. I will continue to look for a guy walking around with a camera snapping random photos at school.)

Awwww, Idlegrasshopper, where to begin? IG is the reason I have a blog. IG is the cynic about Law School that I try not to be on this blog (hence my always linking to him and telling you to go read what he said about class last night.) IG goes into the category of "friend even before the blog". He's also a really good drinking buddy. IG also goes to my school, is in my section, is in my study group, may even be my long lost brother, who knows. Go read him!

Samer also goes into the friend not just on the internet category. I already wrote a whole post on him, so go read it...then read him:-) While he has slacked in blogging in the last few months, he still has some great posts. He is a "real beer" wealth of knowledge, as opposed to my Bud Lt. vs. Miller Lt. dillemma. He also has some great photography.

BLM over at In Limine is another to thank. I am especially thankful that I gave him my password to go into my blogger template and fix something and he did not do anything retarded like turn the text sideways or make everything show up in another language. Oops, gotta go change that password. BLM is a 1L over at Georgetown and is having a fairly similar experience to mine at GW (except that he isn't eating meat;-)

Spicoli...hahaha...Spicoli of Law School Insider. He's my favorite miserable Michigonian. I came across Spicoli when he made a nasty remark about Bush and I left him a nasty comment. We've been friends ever since. Spicoli is at a second tier law school in a freezing climate trying to transfer to California where he's from. I love reading his stories about the O.C., which he calls home. I must admit that he has annoyed me lately with his countdown to finals. Dude...you are stressing me out!

Jack and Coke recently blogrolled me, and has commented here too. Thanks Jack! He's a long-winded interesting 1L at my school who doubles as a drunkard blogger. Although Jack has had his blog for a while, he is just recently begun to really find his niche in the blogging world and I am interested (and scared) to see where this goes:-)

Energy Spatula at Will Work For Favorable Dicta recently added me to her blog list. I have referenced E. Spat a few times here, as I love her writing style and cynicicm when talking about her life experiences. Interestingly enough, she recently did an audio blog with Ambimb and sounds like the cutest sweetest little thing!

Thanks to Jeremy Ritchey who also added me to his list. Jeremy is a WELL-VERSED conservative who is often the only one knowledgable enough to take on the liberal blogging world.

So, thanks again to everyone who reads, comments, writes, or just plain cares! sniff sniff.

UPDATE: Thanks also to Dwayne over at Enraged Baboon. (Waiting for the cartwheels:-) Yay for my first International link!!! Dwayne is a lazy Australian journalist turned law student who says "Apart from being far smarter and funnier, I think I am an average law student." Small world note: I think Dwayne actually attends the same "Uni" in Australia that my ex attends. Dwayne, if you come across a random American that tried to sue the Med. school last year, please do not hold it against me that I dated him:-)