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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Growing up

Difficult children will make difficult adults. My brother and his wife better watch out for that young'un of theirs, lest she grow up just like me. Case-in-point:

I called my brother's house the other day to speak to his daughter. My niece (AM) is the cutest most wonderful two year old alive, but she sure is fiesty. You may be wondering how I can let a two year old get to me. Well, I will tell ya. Due to my schedule, it is sometimes difficult to find time to sit and have a phone conversation. There are not too many people I have the luxury of making time for, but I would always set aside time to talk to the little angel. AM has a new little sister on the way very soon and I wanted to talk to her about it. Well, she was watching Scooby-Do and decided that Aunt Law-Rah was not worth pausing the TV for. The little brat would not talk to me!

I told my mom this story this morning and she laughed. Soooo not funny mom! She compared it to a July day years ago when she gave birth to my younger brother. Still in the hospital, and presumably pretty tired, she picked up the phone to call home. My grandparents were watching my older brother and I. After speaking to my brother, she wanted to talk to her little girl and tell me about my new little brother. I apparently told my grandparents to tell her I could not come to the phone because I was reading. (I was three years old at the time.) When she inquired as to what I was reading, she was told the phone book. (Awww, what a little angel I was:-)

Seriously, difficult children will make difficult adults.