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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Woo-Hoo, I made the Metro Blog Map! (okay, so perhaps "making the map" isn't all that difficult as all you really have to do is email them and say "hey, I'm Law-Rah, put me on your map please:-)

In this well organized step in the blog/voyeur/stalking world, these folks have compiled all of the Washington DC area blogs into a Metro Map. I find this to be one of the cooler things I have ever seen. It also goes to show the magnitude of this "blogging" trend in my area, which seems logical in such a political, lawyer-ridden, edu-macated part of the country.

Although it's really not funny, I did have to chuckle upon scrolling over Arlington Cemetery to find "Nobody here yet". They could have possibly come up with a better way to word that, as I seriously doubt there will ever be anyone blogging from Arlington Cemetery.

Still, great site to check out. And if you are a DC area blogger, get yourself on the map!