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Monday, March 07, 2005

Bad timing

Hahaha...for some stupid reason, I agreed to indulge some of my classmates in my presence at a study group this evening. Need I remind you the Journal Competition is due in less than 12 hours? I decided that perhaps my agreeing to a study group on this particular night was not one of my more ingenious ideas. I wrote them a letter to attempt to get out of it:

This letter comes to you in opposition of said study group this evening. (Statement by Law-Rah at 1). While I am not opposed to YOUR continuation of the Torts "beginning to study" session, I am opposed to MY presence at such an event. Id. (emphasis added) The Journal Competition, otherwise known as worst weekend of my life, has truly kicked my ass and my mental stability is not currently what it should be. Id. I firmly believe in order to attain such clarity in my life again, I need to follow up the "turn in" of the journal with a few drinks and not a Torts outline. Id. Furthermore, I am pretty sure any contribution I could offer to a study group this evening would be minimal if existant at all. Id. Please accept my sincerest apologies if any of this evenings plans were shifted on my account. (Statement directed at Mike at 1).

Hahaha...they should at least give me points for creativity!