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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ode to the Spring Journal Competition

The school is abuzz
With chit-chat galore
About life standing still
Come tomorrow at four.

The 3Ls are thanking God
Their time is almost done.
Now they get to sit back
And watch all the fun.

The 2Ls are reminiscing
About this time last year,
Awaiting "the packet"
With excitement and fear.

We 1Ls are stressing
Over how much to prep
Even without a topic,
We plan our first step.

We got all our answers
To the questions on TWEN.
We're now down to mere hours
Before the fun will begin.

Preparing for citations,
We read the BlueBook
To know what it says
Without having to look.

There's ink in our printers
And quiet places to read.
The fridge is now stocked
With all the beer food we need.

250 pages of cases
Reading, writing, citing
It's off to the races!

So without further ado,
Wish me good luck
And hope my reaction
Is not WHAT THE ???