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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Apparently, politics sure brings out the best in everyone! Student Bar Association elections were today and boy was it ugly. I steered clear of school for most of the day to avoid the drama. In the few hours I was at school today, I saw more than I cared to. This election came complete with "anonymous" mud-slinging blogs, fake posters being put up to ridicule candidates, rumors being spread, posters being torn down, and claims being filed. Did I mention I am NOT actually in high school anymore? Apparently, this message was not communicated to the proper people. I sure am glad I refrained from running for a second term. Results being published, there were only a few surprises. I am, however, pretty shocked at some of the events leading up to today. Now that it is over, life can return to normal. We will all surely miss the posters of chick's cleavage, guys doing keg stands, guys dressed as fairies, and lots of rainbows everywhere. For any pre-L's reading this, I promise, it is not always like this...but it does add some spice to otherwise bland Contracts reading:-)