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Saturday, March 05, 2005

I got nothin'

I am officially saturated; my brain will hold no more. I can no longer intake any information with regards to this Journal. If I have to read another case, magazine article, law review article, newspaper article, Target receipt, or letter from the egg donation people, I will scream. I cannot read another damn thing. In fact, I am having to look away from the screen right now, as the very thought of seeing more words in print makes me want to cry. However, I think that as dry as my eyes are, nothing would come out of those sockets in my head. You wanna know what punishment is? This, my dear, is punishment. Not quite sure what I ever did to deserve this, but it bites.

Okay, whining done. I think the worst part of this "worst weekend of your life" is over. I have conquered all that I intend to of the 250 pages of CRAP background reading they gave us. Now, I must sit and sort it out in some fashion that produces some sort of paper of some kind. Yeah, and some Kraft Mac-N-Cheese and a Corona should help that effort.

I just read what I wrote and not only are my thoughts fairly incoherent, but my eyes hurt! Have a fabulous evening...I sure will:-)