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Friday, February 18, 2005

About damn time

You know that feeling you get when you have waited so long for something and it finally comes to be? You have that tingle of anticipation in your stomach and that's all you can think about. Your mind is racing, your cheeks are red, you seem to be floating on air. You notice how bright the sun is, you hear the birds chirping, you have an endless smile. You know...it's that giddy feeling! I love that feeling. That's how I feel today. Why? Yes, you guessed it...today is my last day of work! I cannot express in words how good I feel right now. I bid farewell to NB on Tuesday and to JB yesterday. Today, only one co-worker is here. So, in honor of my last day of work, let us reminisce a bit. When I took this job, a mere one-half of a year ago, I would have never thought an office of five people could be so dysfunctional. I now know better! Aside from JB and NB, I would like to introduce some new characters...OM (old man) and CM (creepy man) I now give to you the things I will NOT miss about my job:

JB insistence upon throwing his garbage at me. (I actually started saving all of the torn up pieces and putting them in a drawer for the next poor soul who works here.)

Not being allowed to make reservations online, rather being forced to speak to humans.

JB's daily explanation to me of what a Blackberry is. (JB, everytime I send you an email, you do not need to respond saying you got it AND call saying you got it just to show me your blackberry can do email and cell phone calls. I KNOW THIS!)

CM always walking up behind me yelling "YO!" (Look, I realize I am one-third your age, but I do not use that term. In fact, no one has since 1982!)

CM keeping a roll of toilet paper at my desk so he can come up here to blow his nose. (Ewww)

CM methodically approaching me at 3pm on Friday's to ask "so, ya got any plans this weekend?" (Do you ever expect me to say, "no very older creepy man, wanna get together"?)

JB's stories about how he did not care about law school, even though he was Ivy League. (Gee, that makes two of us that don't care about your Ivy League education!)

JB's very weird wife coming in when no one is around "just to say hi" while carrying a large bag and leaving with reams of paper.

The mystery moron that continuously puts cokes in the freezer, never cleans when they explode, but puts another one in there the next day.

The "tech guy" who comes in once a month and likes to tell me how thick I am getting.

OM entering the office, and waiting until he passes my desk to YELL good morning, forcing me to spill my coffee every time.

CM standing over my shoulder saying "what cha readin?"

JB telling me weekly that I am not his daughter, who as his previous receptionist. (Seeing as how living with him forced her to run away from home, I'm okay with my dad, thanks.)

Having JB buzz me back to his office just so he can tell me he is not ready yet, go sit back down, just so I can return to my desk for him to buzz me again.

JB calling me on his way in to work to demand I get the master keys out and go unlock his office because he doesn't like to pull his keys out of his pockets because they "jingle" too much. (This has actually happened more than one time!)

OM mis-dialing his own phone number when calling to check his voice mail and instead reaching the main line and then hanging up on me when I answer.

So, in the end, I guess $19 an hour and lunches at fancy restaurants just wasn't enough!