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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Cupid Day

The hardest part of Valentine's day for me is narrowing down who I am going to spend it with. I know that sounds a bit cocky, but seriously, with so many eligible bachelors out there, it really is hard to pick just one to grace with my presence this evening. Maybe you could help:

Bachelor #1:
What a hottie! Pedro has the most beautiful eyes. and you know I have always had a thing for the Spanish guys. Can you imagine that he not only speaks Spanish, but can sing and DANCE to spanish, as well? What I find even more important is that he is always smiling. This really means a lot to me, as he makes me feel happy to be around. It's also important that I feel really comfortable in his bedroom. When we are making out hanging out on his sofa, it really reminds me of my grandma's house. I miss my grandma. I also think that it's neat that he has a microphone attached to his headpones...kinda Madonna-like. Thumbs up to this guy! Meet Pedro.I met him through Albino Blacksheep.

Bachelor #2:
I admit that my first impression of Gomer may not have been steller. I have a real thing against people blowing their nose around me. Once I got past that, I was much more impressed. Although I have never been much of a fan of classical music, he makes it worth listening to. When I am with Gomer, I feel just like I am with Jim Carry. He's such a riot and you know how much I love to laugh. I also admire his clean, white background. Nothing around him takes my focus off of him and me. Our eyes meet and just dance together. It's really special. Gomer is really special. I met him through Albino Blacksheep too.

Bachelor #3/4/5:

These guys are actually a package deal. I am not sure that I am really into that sort of thing, but I'd be willing to give it a try for these studs, they are the shiz-nit. When I look at them, all I think is DAMN! With themz around, I gots everything that I want in a man. I ain't need to look no further. They from the G-A (Georgia), so, I'm sho they polite good southern gentlemen. Sheee-it, I ain't sure which one of them fine rides we'll be takin out to the McD's. Maybe, if it works out, I can be in there new movie Lord of the Blings. That would be phat. I really like Blade, Freeze and Da Flame. Damn! And we all know what they say about a man with big bling...! Thanks to Mr. P for introducing me to these hotties.

Bachelor #6:
I know, I know, Chuck doesn't seem to be like the normal guys I date. I have to tell you, though, there is just something about my little chubster. He's a few years younger than me, and I'm not sure how spending V-Day in his dorm room would work out. On the other hand, he has pets to play with, and air conditioning, so I won't complain. I feel like Chuck is just so animated, I won't notice our surroundings. You would never be able to tell that he was a cheerleader in high school, just last year. Not to mention, he has the sexiest voice EVER, especially when he approaches me from behind with his simple "Hallo". Meet Chuck!(and some of his friends). Special thanks to Albino Black Sheep for hooking us up.

Bachelor #7:
I thought I'd throw Dave in here, because although things are over between us, I feel like he just keeps coming back over and over and over and over...I guess you never get over your first love Right, Grasshopper?

If anyone reading this has any thoughts as to who I should spend my evening with (besides Prof. Torts)...please leave me comments.

**Note** Original title of this post: Why I should give up on dating!