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Thursday, February 10, 2005

High Law School

Often times, people equate law school to high school all over again. I simply cannot imagine why. When I originally toured the school, I noticed the lockers...that made me chuckle. I'm not sure if this is a law school thing or what. Granted, it makes sense not to have to carry books around from class to class. On the other hand, I actually slipped a note into someone's locker last semester...how funny is that? We also had our law school 'prom' last weekend. They may have given it a different name, but I assure you, it was prom sans the corsages. I must admit that it was quite a different feeling being able to drink openly instead of sneaking it in only wishing I were old enough to drink. Well, they have completely gone overboard with this latest tribute to our teen years: Valentine Candygrams! "give a nice Valentine surprise to those special people in your life."

Are you kidding me? Oh no, will everyone stare at me if I am the only one not to get Candygrams? Maybe I should buy one for myself. They are only 25 cents. Or, I can even get 5 for a dollar. You know that all of the cool kids will be walking around with 15 or 20 Candygrams. I will hang my head in shame if I don't get any. What ever happened to elementary school where you HAD to give a card to every classmate, even the 'not cool' ones. (Not that I was EVER a not cool kid.) What if I don't get any? Mom, will you send me one? Please...anyone reading this send me CANDYGRAMS!

To all of my new readers from G-town...welcome! Oh, and since it's not too far, you should come over to GW and by me Candygrams too! (Deadline is 6:30 this evening.)