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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Yesterday started off in such a fabulous manner. I woke up, showered, got dressed for work and went downstairs to pack something for lunch. Upon nearing the kitchen, I heard a strange sound. Upon entering the kitchen, I noticed it seemed to be raining...in the kitchen! All of the water in the shower upstairs was running through the floor of the bathroom, the ceiling of the kitchen, and onto the hardwood kitchen floor. I am pretty sure it is not supposed to do that. So, in being the first one to find it, this means I get to be the one to deal with it. One roommate already gone and within five minutes, other two roommates rushed out the door to work. So, I call work to tell them I will be late and spend my day with a 74 year old plumber who wears whitey tighties that are so old they are almost see-through. (Nice visual:-)

Long story short: We have one of those sliding glass shower doors and apparently, the whole thing needs to be replaced, as it is leaking water onto the floor. It's working as if there is no water barrier at all. I contact the Ecuadorian not-so-helpful landlord who says "that doesn't sound right, I'm not replacing the door, just put towels and make sure to keep the place dry." "Um, landlord, you don't seem to understand, it's not a small leak, it's gallons of water coming out of the light fixture downstairs." "Well then, use lots of towels."

I email roommies and the consensus is that (until I can bitch out landlord and get my way), we can just hang a shower rod and curtain to at least act as a barrier. Keep in mind, aesthtics is not of too much concern at this point...we are going to have a shower curtain AND a sliding glass door. Guy roomie (let's call him MacGuyver) decides that he will handle things. Everyone gets home last night around 9 or 9:30 ish and we discuss the problem. Mac is going to hang the shower curtain. Between deciding against a Target shower curtain because the dollar store was closer, not reading the package for the shower rod which does not fit in our bathroom, and the fact that we needed it for this morning...the result involves a lot of little blue and yellow flowers on an extremely smelly shower curtain attached to a glass door with PAPER CLIPS. (Seems fitting for an ambassador's million dollar home.)