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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Related? Really?

To follow NDC's lead, I decided to check out my Bloglines to see what blogs they feel I would be interested in. There was the usual: Class Maledictorian, Sua Sponte, Buffalo Wings & Vodka, Life Law Libido etc. tells me that I should waste even more time reading the constant ramblings of law school students all over the country. As if I don't waste time on my own rambling. (I don't need Bloglines to point me to any of the above blogs. The fabulous Blawgosphere is weaved in such a way, that I have already encountered each of them.)

Speaking of weaving, what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, is the 35 links to knitting blogs that Bloglines felt the need to relate me to. Yep, that's right, knitting! First off, I don't know how to knit, nor do I have the desire to learn to knit. I am the most non-domesticated female I know. If a button falls off, I borrow a safety pin from someone to keep my pants from falling down. But what is even more disturbing, is this apparent obsession with knitting. No kidding, these people are serious business. It's like the next Texas Hold 'Em. (Don't know if the World Series of Knitting would make it to ESPN, though.) Anyway, here are some example knitting blogs:

Queer Joe's Knitting Blog - Joe is a little disappointed that "KnitList" is apparently "now irreversibly overrun with some of the most boring knitters on the planet". Um, as opposed to...?
In his Newcomer's Rules, Joe let's all of his readers know that he will, in fact, edit comments he finds inappropriate such as "Hateful comments that are irrelevant to the current or recent topic. Good example: Only a flaming faggot would wear that color combination. Bad example: All faggots deserve to DIE" Good Stuff! So, fellow bloggers, please ensure that your comments to pertain to the topic at hand!

blogdogblog - Knitting with dachsunds. This is the most extensive (and terrifying) list of knitting blogs I never knew existed!

Curls and Purls NYC - a curly haired knitter speaks from NYC. Cause you know, we straight haired folks suck at knitting.

Knitting the Blues - to quote her "I'm a knitblogger baby, I'm bound to blog all over you." She did a post entitled 100 Things to bore you. (This being opposed to domesticated tasks.) On this list were: "36. Here is a big pet peeve: Any chewing or smacking noises coming from the mouth.37. I mean, it really drives me out of my mind.38. From the moment my little babies were taking food by mouth I sat in front of them, in their high chairs, over-emphasizing chewing with my lips together and lightly holding their lips together so they got it." Although I do not know this person, I have a pretty disturbing image in my head.

Froggy Knits - "Cause some days you're froggin more than you're knittin" Does she mean catching frogs and cooking them? Frog legs taste good:-)

Okay, now that I have officially wasted two hours of my day, I shall go prepare for class this evening. If I come across anymore good knitting sites, I shall be sure to pass them on!