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Friday, December 03, 2004

Week before exams of a law student

I love math...let's play with some numbers
# of cups of coffee per day = hmm...how many are in 3 pots?
# of times used restroom per day = directly proportional to # of cups of coffee
# of hours until first exam = 123.5
# of pages in outlines = 25; 29
# of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure left to memorize = 68 (I was fairly selective)
# of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure already memorized = 1 (I got #4 down!)
# of times I logged on to procrastinate by reading other BLAWGs today = lost count
# of times I yelled at people in my car on my way home from work = 3 (sad since I park my car 4/10 mile from my house)
# of people who invited me to dinner this weekend "forgetting" I had exams = 4
# of people I snapped at for forgetting I had exams = 4
# of trips to the grocery store for study snack food = 3 so far this week
# of trips to the gym = hahaha
# of crunches done last night before falling asleep on my floor = 24?
# of minutes left in my study break = 4