The random thoughts of an architect-turned- lawyer from the deep south living in Washington, DC...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Learning continued...

12) Gourmet peaches from Oregon are extremely messy if you try to eat only the inside with a spoon not getting any of the peelings. (Unlike the photograph at the bottom, they do not hold their shape.)

13) The more law stuff I cram into my head, the less room there is for common sense.

14) If you purposely lock the door to the office so intruders cannot enter in your abscense, you should make sure to take your key with you.

15) A good friend will get you out of the house to eat sushi the night before your exam when he knows you are reading too much lawyer stuff and turning into a not fun person.

16) After 27 years, it is possible to forget how to spell your own last name.