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Friday, April 13, 2007

My day went wrong already

1) Get a full night's sleep.
2) Wake up and have some coffee.
3) Drive to Jiffy Lube and leave my car for an oil change.
4) Walk across the street and get fingerprinted at George Mason Law school (needed for the bar).
5) Walk a block and settle into the coffee shop for some coffee and read 5 articles that I printed that will hopefully help me finish my paper.
6) Walk back to Jiffy Lube, get my car and be home in time for lunch.

1) - 3) Worked out quite nicely.
4) I did walk to Mason but when the police officer asked me for ID I realized I left my wallet at home.
5) Realize further implications of a lack of wallet means no money for coffee and no money to get my car back from Jiffy Lube.
6) Walk home. It's only about a fifteen minute walk but since I did not foresee being outside much today, I am coatless.
7) Upon returning freezing to my apartment complex and getting onto my elevator, I realize my keys to get inside are still with Jiffy Lube.
8) Whine to the front desk and get spare keys.
9) Come upstairs, pour half a glass of Shiraz and breathe.

Okay, let's try this again...