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Monday, December 04, 2006

Why today has sucked so far

My cell phone started blaring latin music at 6:50 this morning. 'Twas an unexpected wake-up call from London. I couldn't get too mad because he's just so cute with his British accent and his "hiya darling, I just wanted to tell you good morning."

Since I was awake, 7am became a good time to load up on coffee and start working the Federal Income Tax mid-term review problem. Now, I hashed out the entire first half of this semster in a study group yesterday. It makes total sense that I should be able to work the review problem that encompasses the first half of the semester. Right? (Note: I didn't actually DO the review problem or go to class when she went over it because I wanted to save it for finals studying. Instead, I just got the answers from a friend and tucked them away.) This four page fact pattern has been the bane of my existence for three hours now. What the hell? Wheels spinning, I called friend in a frantic panic trying to get her to remember back to the review problem in class. She said "oh, well, she told us that this review problem was way harder than anything she would ever test us on." I just lost three hours.

UPDATE: To searcher in Atlanta...I really wish I could help you, but you are really looking in the wrong place.