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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Am I TOO chill?

Since I have tied up stressed out Law-Rah (see yesterday's post) and thrown her in my closet, chill Law-Rah is coming out to play.

I had my tax exam today. One and a half hours of multiple choice and one and a half hours of essay. I came in with the exam essentials: coffee, water, carrots, a blow pop and ear plugs. What else could a gal need, right? Well, apparently about half way through the test, this gal decided she needed a Snickers. For whatever reason, my stomach would not stop growling. So much that I looked around to see if people noticed. At that moment, while I was stuck between figuring out the depreciation of non-residential rental property and figuring out the tax rate for long term capital gain...I realized I was downright starving. And not in the mood for carrots. And I couldn't quit singing "snickers really satisfies you" in my head. So, I grabbed my purse, left the exam, and headed downstairs to hit the vending machines. (I should tell you that I know law students who will not get up to use the bathroom during an exam because of the time loss.)

Anway, if this story was not entertaining to you, which I am sure it was not because I am generally not an entertaining person during exams...then I would like to leave you with this video clip. And before you ask, the answer is 'no, there was no orgazm in my mouth.'