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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Leaving on a jetplane

"hi laura, i am vary happy about your arrive in Italy
don't worry for nothing, I'll take you at the airoport at 11:50
I'll wait for you
do you have a swimming?
if you have it's better, we can go to the sea

And with that, I am off to gallivant around Europe!!! Destination London (via Naples and Rome). See y'all in August...who am I kidding, with wireless internet access and my laptop, you will surely be hearing from me:-)

So far, I have received some great advice/wisdom from people:
In Italy, kiss every man and woman twice.
Always say Prego or Gratzie.
In Europe, if someone is sitting and eating, they are paying a lot for that service which is why you tip less.
Order soup because it usually comes with free bread.
Beer is usually the same price as water or coke.
Salad is sometimes weird.
Sandwiches come with butter on them.
Don't talk to anyone named Francois and don't bring home a guy named Sven.
Take a weekend trip to Scotland and eat a chip sandwich while drunk.

Anyone else got two cents to put in?