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Thursday, June 29, 2006

This Girl With Her List

Back in December of last year, on my first visit to a new blog, I read an intriguing post. This girl made a list for her readers and in the process she bore her soul. The list was simply things about her. Before reading her list, she was a total stranger to me. After reading her list, I felt as if I had some insight into this total stranger. I almost felt like I knew her. That sounded silly so I never spoke up. I didn't comment and I didn't email partly because I felt intimidated by her openness and honesty...partly because I didn't feel like I really knew this girl. Even after reading her list.

Months went by and I had the opportunity to meet and get to know this girl with the list. I came to see what an amazing person she is. I went back to her list recently and was astonished at what I found. As I read some of the things on her list, I realized I knew these things about her. I knew them, not because I remembered them from her list, but because she had become my friend. In the course of developing this friendship, we had taken time to talk and get to know each other. I had found a true friend in this girl with the list.

I also found out that my friend and I share a birthday, June 29. I cannot think of anyone I would rather share my birthday with today than this girl with the list. So, my dear Chase, you can cross #38 off your list because tonight is for you!