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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yay for summer birthdays!

When I was a kid, I hated having a summer birthday. Ya know, the other kids, with their "during school" birthdays, got spoiled. A whole day of adoration by those around them: cupcakes, singing, cards, balloons, messages on the chalkboard, etc.
(While it is true that I often had my name on the chalkboard, it was usually for talking out of turn, not for birthday well-wishing.) What did I get? Well, in late May, when school was almost over, teachers (if they thought of it) would have a card or cake with something like "Happy Birthday to everyone with summer birthdays." If we were lucky, we'd get our names on the cake, all 20 of us. I never felt the love.

I do believe I love having a summer birthday at a time in which my future employer's main mission is to spoil me silly (read: as a Summer Associate). Lavish lunch, posters, a cake with my name on it, people stopping by from three floors to wish me happy birthday, a confetti'd office* and company ticket's to the Nat's game may very well make up for the kiddie trauma.

(*why a law firm shredding machine should be kept under lock and key, lest some creative minds start throwing in the colored paper.)