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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life After Blogging - Intro

Have you ever wondered if a true blogger ever dies? Have you ever wondered why someone walks away and if they ever look back? You see, this blogosphere we have come to know and love is by no means an impenetrable community. For every five new bloglings that pop up trying to make a place for themselves, we lose a really good blogger. People leave for their own reasons but they often leave many of us behind missing their daily fodder.

I recently set out on a bit of a mission. I contacted a few of my favorite former bloggers to pick their brains about life - sans blogging. In the few questions that I asked each of them, I expected the humor and snark in their answers. I expected the thoughtful reflection in their answers. What I did not expect was to see so much "blogging" left in their answers. Of course it all goes to your own interpretation of what it means to be a blogger, but I found that simply shutting down their weblogs did not take away the blogger I knew in each of these writers. To me, the art of blogging is about not only the writer himself (or herself), it's also about his interaction with the readers. These guys got it right.

So I ask you, my readers: What do you think makes a good blogger?

Of course I will let you hear what these former bloggers had to say! Tune in tomorrow for the first in the series "Life After Blogging".