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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It is really hard to type on an Italian keyboard because they have different keys.

I promise to write all about my new love-hate relationship with Napoli, but I do not have time now. I did want to chime in and say how freaking crazy it was to be in Italia for the game last night. First off, the entire freaking city of Napoli closed early for the game. Only about three bars stayed open and they were packed. Although my friend lives in the "rich" part of town, it is still not safe for gals to go to bars, so we watched the game at her house. She lives on one of the main streets, so the party ensued downstairs and we watched from the balcony all night sipping on our beers. Red green and white fire works...scooters and little bubble cars honking up and down the streets...nekkid Italians running up and down the street with huge flags (okay, not nekkid, but in weenie bikini's). I actually had to put ear plugs in to go to sleep because they were still at it at 2am and we had a long day to wake up to.

Apparently, even though they lost, those Germans partied it up too. From my friend in Germany: "This town was (still is) f'in crazy! It's 1 am, and people are still driving down the street, honking their horns. One of the main streets in this town was closed, and it was still packed with folks, even thought we lost. I must apologize for any typose, because I am a little bit drnuk now. German beer is wunderbar!!!!!!!!