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Monday, June 12, 2006

My friend Tom

I did something I am not proud of last night. Something I said I would never ever do. My ability to resist peer pressure has always been one of my strengths, yet last night, I just crumbled. I got a MySpace account. *shudder* My friend sent me a link to hers and in order to view all her info, I had to sign up. So, I did. I put up a funny picture that I knew my friend would appreciate and then I went to bed figuring that's the most use this account would ever get.

I'm not quite sure why I logged on this morning. When I did, I noticed I had one friend "Tom" who apparently comes default with MySpace. Hmmmm, Tom looks a little lonely in that box, so maybe I should add a friend or two. Next thing I know, I am importing my entire gmail address book. It was just so simple. So, if you get a random email today and think "dear Lord, this girl must be the last one on earth to get an account!" you should absolutely be my friend. If nothing else, to make Tom look less lonely.

Let the next phase of addiction commence.