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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Classy lady

Yesterday, I began writing a post about all of the law student blawgers who graduated and their contributions to the blawg-o-sphere. I was scrolling and clicking through the directory that Kurt put together and I came across a site that became the topic at a BBQ later in the evening...and boy did some interesting conversations ensue.

Before I go any further, I want to say that (usually) if I don't like or agree with a blog, I simply don't read it. I do not advocate putting the author in the "hot seat" and telling them why I think their blog is no good. It is not my place to critique a person's content since I do not have a pedestal upon which I can look down and tell anyone that she should reconsider her thoughts and words. However, I am feeling the need to break that rule and offer some advice to a young budding lawyerling (possibly NSFW).

Sweetie, you need to take your blog down. Then, you need to change your name and go to another law school.

Let's set aside the bad grammar and spelling issues that amount to so-so writing. Let's set aside the name of the blog and the fact that no matter what your content actually is, the name that you chose says a lot about you as a person. Let's set aside the moral issues surrounding your actions. Let's even set aside the illegality of what you are allegedly doing.

Let's assume for a moment that you are not just attempting to be the next Washingtonienne. Let's also assume for a moment that you are not just building off of a West Wing episode. Let's assume that you are legitimately writing about what you say you are writing about. Are you an idiot? Do you really think that the small town of Washington DC will not swallow you up and spit you out leaving you lacking any future legal career you say you want? Everyone knows everyone in this city. More specifically, everyone is a lawyer and when you start easing your way into the DC legal world, you find that everyone knows everyone's business. And in your case, worse than being "found out" or fired, you will just never get a chance to begin. I cannot fathom going through the torture of law school only to be known as a whore. Worse even, to be self-declared in that way and to have spread yourself not just all over this city, but all over the internet for all potential employers to trash your resume (or pass it around for laughs).

I'm not sure if you were actually attempting to be anonymous, but posting the due dates of your memos and posting specifics about the program you are in does not really help your anonymity. Since you are rumored to attend my school, I would refer you to the email the Career Development Office sent out yesterday in response to getting some phone calls from law firm hiring committees. Quite simply "use common sense when e-mailing, blogging, and posting personal information on the Internet." If nothing else, my dear, learn from your predecessors. I really hope, for your sake, this is all a farce. If not, you sure did pick the wrong city and profession (both of them) in which to play your games.