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Thursday, June 01, 2006

For Real? Nah, probably not.

If nothing else, I have learned that DC does love the Drama. Who am I kidding, we all already knew that! Thanks to Wonkette for the mention and not only for sending my stat counts soaring, but hers as well. If and when she ever does return to her blog, she will likely wonder who is this "WonL" that sent over 700 hits per day to her site that was averaging 6. Hey, anything I can do to help young bloglings.

The consensus in the comments to my last post seems to be that this young lady is not a law student at all and the entire thing is just a weak attempt to be the next Anonymous Lawyer meets Jessica Cutler meets Brazil . I would like to repeat the "weak" portion of the last sentence. Anyway, I guess I am naive and stubborn, as I am holding to the thought of her being some rising 2L somewhere in this city (although I do question the "whore" part of the blog.) While her blog seems to be met mostly with disbelief, it also envokes rage in some, "hypothetical" discussions in others, and even starry eyes in my dear friend Biff Von Bert.

Fascinating. It's all just fascinating.