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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friends revealed

I apologized to a good friend earlier via text message for getting a little emotional at a bar last night. (Yes, for those of you that are counting, that is twice in one week...and we aren't even to Friday yet.) Anyway, he responded simply "That's why we have friends."

He's right. I know that I don't need to apologize because at the risk of sounding cliche, that is what friends are for. I guess deep down, I expect that I can cry on the shoulders of my friends if need be. It's still a hard thing for me to do. People that know me the best know this about me and will always fight me on it. However, people that don't know me as well usually can't even tell there is anything wrong. It takes a real friend to see the smile on my face is covering up something.

WonL has been very theraputic for me in that regard. It has enabled me to open up and show my cards when I normally wouldn't. In doing so, it has also allowed me to welcome some really wonderful people into my life. Only recently have I begun to realize that I am finding some meaningful friendships in places I least expected. I have made a friend who will spend hours with me on instant messenger on a rough night to get my mind off things. I have made friends who will not allow me to stay home and mope, but rather will force me to play video games of non-clothed women on a Friday night. I have made a friend who will come and crash on my sofa to keep me company. I have made friends who I have never even met that can read my thoughts on their computer screens and respond offering support in the kindest of words.

I hope all of you know how very thankful I am for you.

PS...I assume my non-blogging (and former blogging *ahem*) friends know this goes double for them.