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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm sailing away

Partly because I went sailing on Friday and got some great photographs and partly because I feel like law school is sucking the creativity out of me, I took a few hours to play around in PhotoShop today (original photos on the left; click to enlarge).

In addition to color manipulation, I also added some movement to the sails. (Or maybe this was after a few too many Mohitos):

I really love this one:

It's amazing how a bit of vibrance can really enhance the image. It looks like a completely different day:

I like the sepia tones, but I especially like how some of the definition in the sails starts to pop out:

Although this scene looks a bit like something that should be on the wall at a beach condo, I do like the effect of the colored pencil:

You had to know I would add a wind filter to the sails:-)